Murray Speaks | Winning Wellbeing
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Winning Wellbeing

Winning Wellbeing

Live Better Work Better Be Better

Your health and wellbeing are your ultimate DIY project! You can’t outsource eating well, sleeping well, thinking well and building strength, all foundations of a thriving human being. It is the lead domino that impacts everything else. This high energy, captivating presentation helps you lift to a new normal.

Revitalised wellbeing inspires you to experience your best, 24/7, 365 days a year; it adds golden lustre to every aspect of your life. It energises personal growth, professional innovation and builds resilience, lifting your sense of well-being, confidence, joy and happiness. It is, without doubt, the most rewarding investment you’ll ever make.

Your best thinking got you to where you are. Change and innovation exist beyond what you’re currently good at in fresh perspectives and expansive thinking. Energised health and wellbeing fuel all of these to establish new levels of vision, possibility and excellence.

In a professional sense, your ability to generate income is your primary asset powerfully sustained by the calibre of your health and vitality. Raise the level of your health and vitality; raise the level of your performance. There is a fundamental link between good health,  good business and a good life.

We’ll explore the 5 pillars of your health and wellbeing using the STEEA model…  Sleep, Thinking, Exercise, Eating and Atmosphere. Let’s go for a personal best!

In this high energy experience we’ll explore…

  • Healthy longevity, what the latest research is telling us
  • Self-image, celebrating your body and focussing forward
  • Is why we eat as important as what we eat
  • Farm to table or factory to table, how to decipher food
  • Strength and flexibility your future self will thank you for
  • From daily grind to unwind, how you can increase restful sleep
  • Creating an environment to champion your goals
  • Nurturing your psychology, why Mindfulness matters


What you will take away with you…

  • A game plan for healthy longevity.
  • How to enjoy beautiful food, eat well and feel great.
  • A simple model, using the science of Neuroplasticity to build new habits and actions.
  • What you can do to have energy that lasts all day.
  • How to build strength and flexibility in 30 minutes a day, anywhere, anytime to feel strong, vibrant and agile.
  • Revolutionary workplace nutrition
  • Nutrition strategies to fuel your potential, inspire your intellect and nourish your valuable productivity.
  • Create a personal culture to support your health and wellbeing goals with the Mindset tools to match.

The potential of any professional environment is reinvented with people who are energised, confident and mission clear. Increased health and vitality fuels resourceful thinking, resilience, good decision making, collaboration, influence and leadership; starting with self-leadership.

Fire up your personal and professional performance by adding the breakthrough Winning Wellbeing to your agenda!