Murray Speaks | Virtual Presenting with Impact and Confidence
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Virtual Presenting with Impact and Confidence

Virtual Presenting with Impact and Confidence

Would it surprise you to know that the most precious real estate in the world is peoples attention? With waves of distraction constantly at our finger tips, delivering first class virtual experiences for your teams and customers is vital. This is our new normal so right now is the time to polish your skills. Stand out and become someone who’s virtual meetings your teams and customers are excited to attend. It’s not a matter of doing what you normally do via the internet, your content, learning framework and call to action objectives need to be creative and crystal clear. A virtual experience has many unique characteristics and influence points so let’s go! Elevate your virtual interactions to be fresh, memorable, influential and rewarding for your audience.

In this workshop you will learn a framework of five key elements to deliver a six star virtual presentation. You can apply these elements for impactful one on one or group virtual events.

  • Planning
  • Production
  • Content
  • Delivery
  • Action

What you will take away with you…

  • How to use the 5 steps to deliver a stand out experience that builds loyalty with your virtual audience
  • Pre-event strategies to make sure you ‘fill the room’ and make you unique in your field
  • Use interactive skills to engage, connect and interact with your audience for a dynamic experience and be welcomed back
  • Why the five minutes after your presentation are the most valuable virtual real estate, what will your audience remember and act on?
  • Confidence in your capacity to deliver a memorable experience that informs, delights and inspires action

We use 16000 to 45000 words every day, everything you achieve is connected to communication. With many companies demanding your customers time and your teams needing new pathways of connection, this workshop will teach you how to be a preferred, valuable experience for your teams, colleagues and customers.