Murray Speaks | Testimonials
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We’ve worked with Murray for quite some time. We initially engaged Murray as a consultant to help inspire, motivate and educate our organisation on communication skills, being inquisitive, empathy skills and to have a degree of empathy and understanding around customers and what customers are experiencing. The feedback from the team was spectacular, they couldn’t get enough of Murray, they were motivated and inspired by him. Beyond that we got him back to do some extra work with different groups of customers of ours and eventually we asked Murray to be a Keynote speaker at our major National Conference where he received incredible applause from the audience and has just been delightful to work with.

Graeme Foulds, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand

CPA Congress delegate feedback
– “I thought the session was excellent. The content was great, presented very well and most of all it was funny.”
– “I attended your session at the CPA Congress in Adelaide last week and have been inspired to take control of my health!”
– “I just wanted to say thank you for an inspiring and highly motivational presentation on Building a Peak Performance Environment at the Darwin CPA Congress today. I found your energy and enthusiasm uplifting, your anecdotes interesting – I was so thoroughly engaged I did not notice the time passing!!!!”

CPA Congress Melbourne
– Very enjoyable
– His enthusiasm was infectious
– Excellent presentation. Motivating speaker. Incredibly relevant and knowledgeable.
– Very engaging.
– Very personable, well presented with lots of energy.
– Real world and practical. Good message and wrap up of health and wellbeing in 1 hr.
– “Very dynamic and inspirational, some good Work life balance tips”

CPA Congress Brisbane
– One of the best sessions all day
– Fantastic and energising

“Murray is a superb presenter and facilitator. His method of weaving together humour, anecdotal evidence and health and wellbeing research, ensures a presentation which is engaging, energising and inspires action!”
University of QLD Wellness Program

“I took away so much energy and inspiration from the presentation Murray gave. His passion, insight and lesson in boosting inner confidence in clients so rapidly was just awesome and so refreshing! The line about ‘Your body got you this far with all you have done to it- imagine how amazing it will be from now!’ will stick with me forever!” Vanessa Carslake: Director- Green Tea in 3 Seconds

One of the outstanding presentations I have ever been fortunate to be a witness to. Usually I take away 1 or 2 thoughts or suggestions, during your presentation I wrote (stole |borrowed) 7 pages of helpful solutions to inspire me and other’s.

Decia Guttormsen MICM CCE, Manager Finance and Business Services

Murray gave a quick fitness demo whilst talking about the Five Facets of Powerful, Vibrant Women at LGMA Queenslands Women in Local Govt. Excellence Forum – amazing presentation thanks Murray! “If you can’t draw it, don’t eat it” and If it can go bad it’s good for you, if it can’t go bad, avoid it!” – words to live by!

Jessie Demnar, Relationship Coordinator LGMA QLD