Murray Speaks | The Power Of One: You are the asset
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The Power Of One: You are the asset

The Power of One: You are the asset

Personal innovation is a powerful opportunity in any enterprise. How can you sustain innovation with un-innovated people? What you are naturally good at got you to where you are. As the pace of business accelerates, unleashing unique potential is a daring way forward, empowering individuals to contribute their best to any room they’re in. Professional development comes from the outside in; personal development comes from the inside out. When the two work together you’ll experience the miracle that is human potential.

What we’ll cover

  • Do you want a successful career or a career that makes you successful?
  • Values based self-leadership
  • Where does confidence come from?
  • Next level communication
  • Mental toughness, resilience and optimism
  • The art of good questions

What you’ll learn

  • How to clarify what you want
  • Which values will drive your next 12 months?
  • Increasing the value of your confidence account
  • How to raise the level of your communication & collaboration
  • Mindset tools to be agile and resilient as you move into the future
  • Setting up a personal atmosphere for success

New thinking gives you new results… Take action!