Murray Speaks | The Powerful Presenting Workshop
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The Powerful Presenting Workshop

The Powerful Presenting Workshop

Would you like to be a polished presenter who confidently enjoys imparting your expertise to your audience? Presenting with authority and influence is a deeply rewarding skill. Wether you present one on one or one to one thousand, you can learn the principles to be an outstanding presenter. Expressing your thoughts with confidence and clarity is easy when you are equipped right tools. Communication skills are the most desired skillset on LinkedIn, they bring persuasive human connection to a digital world. When your competitors have similar strengths, it is a human element that lifts you above the crowd.

What we’ll cover

  • A mindset for effective presenting
  • The power of a great take off and landing
  • A content structure that covers all the bases and nurtures your audience
  • How to help your audience invite you into their world
  • Making Q&A a valuable part of your presentation
  • Body language tips
  • The art and science of a great presentation

What you’ll learn

  • How to be confident presenting to any audience
  • A memorable take off and landing technique to win your first and last minute
  • How to connect with your audience
  • A 5-step analysis to refine your content
  • How to structure a presentation so it’s easy to understand and remember
  • Polished skill to handle questions and objections
  • How to help your audience take action

This is an action-orientated workshop where you’ll design a presentation applying the principles as we learn them.

Confidently present your ideas with influence and authority… Take action!