Murray Speaks | Next Level Communication
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Next Level Communication

Language matters!

Words have power, energy and influence to break down or build up. The pace and complexity of business continues to intensify so you need to enhance your communication skills to match, to upgrade your linguistic software. It’s fun, rewarding, exhillerating even and creates a space where you can differentiate yourself in a chaotic marketplace, to rise, lift and excell.

Have you upgraded your technology software at all in the last 5 years? Of course!

When was the last time you took a considered look at how you communicate with yourself and those around you? How did you develop your current communication skills? Are they being expressed at their peak potential? Could there be powerful skills you’re not aware of?

What was the date of your last personal communication upgrade? Is it time? YES IT IS!

With millions of digital connections hitting you every day, the power of off-line communication skills is becoming the Number One asset to cut through the white noise complexity and make new things happen. Building high quality, rewarding relationships is vital and they are enriched by learning next level communication.

All of your major accomplishments are created through conversations with the right person. In this workshop we explore the foundational principles of connection and communication. You’ll be blown away to experience how raising the standards of your personal communication skills unleashes extraordinary new possibilities.

We explore…

  • Do your intentions speak louder than your words
  • The exotic and mysterious principles from 1936 that Warren Buffet considers his best investment and how you can own them too
  • Your communication philosophy
  • Your current communication style, how you created it, how to dial down weaknesses and turn the volume up on your strengths
  • Giving your communication influence and momentum
  • Conflict resolution and confident conversations
  • Would you like to empower any room you’re in

You will now be able to…

  • Use the foundational principles of connection and communication to multiply your results and stand out in your industry
  • Be a more inspirational, visionary leader to lead your family or lead a Corporation
  • Create a personalised communication strategy that feels integral and resonates
  • Keep up with the increasing pace of communication as the dynamics of business change
  • Discover advanced communication skills positioning yourself as a key collaborator and trusted advisor
  • Be confident in working with challenging/conflict situations to reframe and create win-win solutions
  • Have clear understanding of the intent and impact of your communication to expand your influence and improve your results