Murray Speaks | Key Account Leadership
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Key Account Leadership

Key Account Leadership Towards 2025

Key Account Leadership is many things and 3 key requirements are courage, connection and influence. To connect, establish and drive a professional relationship to the level where you can influence and impact your customer is quite something. The desire is always to improve the customer’s results and success by utilising what is helpful for them from what you have to offer.  In a crowded, noisy, busy marketplace, how do you stand out against your competitors?

Creating change takes periods of rhythmic influence and times of intense ‘cluster action’ focus. Well thought out strategic intent drives multi channel actions that feel effortless and logical to the customer while requiring laser like intent and focus from the KAL. It allows for the vertical integration of a personalised strategy, driven by the KAL, using a menu of assets and resources to deliver a phenomenal customer experience. An established high trust, low-tension relationship allows this to happen

People in general don’t like to be managed and prefer to be lead so key account leadership is the contemporary and powerhouse version of key account management, which belongs to another era.

The fundamentals of traditional key account management demand re-imagining as technology impacts the way customers communicate and time pressures diminish the luxury of consistent face-to-face interactions. Some elements have an important place in the future and new elements need to be adapted to maintain efficacy in the field.

This image from the Australian Govt NBN is research conducted by head of KPMG Demographics, Bernard Salt. This is where your customers are now living. It demonstrates the need for key customer relationships to effectively coexist with a well-established digital relationship. This will continually intensify requiring a broader strategy and new skill sets to have influence in the ‘new world’.

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We will explore…

  • Clarify your personal sales philosophy and your intention
  • How to remove the ‘Cone of Silence’ from your customers
  • The power of finding out what your customers REALLY want
  • Why indirect influence is the surest way to direct results
  • Quantifying the buffet of tools at your disposal and how to use them to greatest effect
  • Learn the power of influential email through language, content and context, turning months into days.
  • What is triangulation and how to use it
  • How to increase your contact and influence with the customers who matter
  • How to reverse engineer from a desired result to create a campaign you can vertically integrate into you key accounts

What you will learn…

At the end of this session you will have worked on a live example of a customer who is important to your business success. You will have an expanded set of skills and insights to combine these principles with your personal strengths to create a focused game plan for customers vital to your business.