Murray Speaks | FAQ
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Thank you for your interest. If you have any specific questions in relation to how Murray can work with you and your audience, feel free to contact him directly. In the interim, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What do you talk about?

My broad umbrellas are Health and Performance.

Everybody wants healthy longevity, it’s the one topic where you get consensus. With the trajectory of our health heading in the opposite direction, people crave to learn how they can improve their vitality, wellbeing and healthy longevity. Performance can be topics around Communication, Change, Leadership, Mindset and Creating High Performance Cultures. Explore the Presentations section and if you need anything different, please ask and we’ll develop it.

We want our delegates to learn and we also need them to enjoy the process – are you funny?

Answer 1- Yes I am!

Answer 2- We all learn best when we’re enjoying ourselves and presentations should not be something you need to endure. I approach high impact topics with resourceful content and good humor; I am there to serve the audience and partner with you to achieve your objectives. With Health related topics, I’m often asked to present in the afternoons when people need to be energized.

If you want your delegates to have a unique, invigorating, powerful, paradigm shifting experience they will still be thinking about in the days ahead, I’m your man.

Can you customise your presentations for my group?

Absolutely. We can tailor your content to fit the culture, values, themes and business objectives of your organization, focusing on what the ideal outcome is for you. I know you have me there to create empowerment and behavior change so that is what I do. The topics are the guide with the delivery and flavor being unique to your team and driven by your brief.

Where do you present?

Anywhere with access to an airport and running water in the hotel although there have been instances where even that was negotiable! We can also run Professional Development workshops via technology. For example, I recently did a Health presentation for a University in New Zealand where they had 140 of their staff log in for the event via Adobe software as part of a broader event. It works very well.

What are your AV requirements?

  • Computer (I have my own if needed)
  • Data Projector
  • Lapel or head piece mic preferred with a hand held backup available
  • Access to the sound system in the room if possible.

I have presented to 250 people where the projector blew up 5 minutes before I was to start so if everything turns to custard, I still deliver and we have a great time!

Do you have any special requirements?

I’m a very low maintenance operator. I understand you have much to do around an event so my role is to add tremendous value and substance while being easy to work with. My commitment is to have you be thrilled with what I deliver and impact your team in a highly productive way.