Murray Speaks | Coaching
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Imagine you are inside a massive empty warehouse at night, it’s cold, silent, you have a torch and you are walking around. What is it you are able to see? You are able to see what the beam of your torch gives life to.

My first Coaching experience. The 1982 Grass Valley Womens Hockey Team. Against all odds… Champions!

What if someone came into the warehouse and turned on all the lights. What can you see now?

Someone came in and helped you by lighting up everything around you. It was there all the time, you just couldn’t see it!

Coaching helps you illuminate strengths, characteristics, possibilities and personal potential that already exist around and within you, you just need someone to help you light it up! You may have been framing your life through the narrow beam of a torch for many years so turning the lights on and expanding your possibilities is very exciting, we have one life so why not absolutely go for it!

Half time. Behind us you’d see a beer keg on the back of a Ute kindly supplied by the boyfriends to cheer the girls on!

You may be thrilled with some areas of your life and want to explore new possibilities in others. You may be stuck at a fork in the road whether in your career, relationship or life itself. You may have lost your sense of direction, lack purpose or have a lack of clarity. This can lead to procrastination, self-sabotage, low self-belief, low self-esteem or lack of confidence. This is what we work together to resolve.

As a coach I am here to contribute immensely to someone who wants to change, there is nothing to fix, just new possibilities to explore. My role is to create a safe, deeply respectful space for you, so you can freely express yourself. Through insightful questioning, we reconnect you with misplaced resources, helping you be the person you want to be to create the life you want to create. This can be a single session or a series of sessions so together we work out what will get you to where you want to go, it is very much a collaboration.

In our first session, I will teach you something that will add profound value to you thereby demonstrating what I do. Our session is future focused and outcome driven. If you see value in continuing, that becomes your first paid session. If not, the session is free and I wish you all the best.

Murray Altham
Mindset Strategist & Life Coach