Murray Speaks | Building a Peak Performance Environment
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Building a Peak Performance Environment

Create an environment where excellence is possible.

Every team has an atmosphere that influences everyone in it and all who cross its path. Technology, acceleration, resource limits, social media and evolving customer needs have all increased the intensity of how we do business. It demands new skills, excellent communication, 360 degree visionary leadership and a six star attitude to create fresh results at a faster pace.

Streamlining and focusing a collaboration of individual strengths is a powerful opportunity, creating a platform of excellence to step confidently into the future. Knowledge and information used to be power. Clarity, attention and focus have become the rarest commodities of all! This experience equips you to face change with enthusiasm, vision and courage to stimulate your intellect, create new habits and embrace your unique strengths to apply, right now, to your goals and performance. You can then blend that into the fabric of a high performance environment. This is a significant experience, you will leave with extraordinary new skills you can start using right now!

In this session we’ll deep dive these concepts to reinvent and power up your professional atmosphere.

  • The power of psychological snacking
  • How to cultivate solution orientated thinking
  • Make your attitudes your allies
  • Moving from complexity to clarity
  • Where does conflict need to fit… “Kevlar Colin”
  • 360 degree leadership

What you will take away with you…

  • Know what attitudes will make you and which ones will break you
  • How to collaborate effectively with your team by swiftly reengineering your culture to dramatically lift performance and results
  • How to use triangulation to multiply your effectiveness
  • Examples and strategies to help your team handle cascading change
  • Quantum ideas… Setting up your Department of Yes!
  • How to curate an environment that supports aspirational goals and objectives

This paradigm-shifting presentation breaks down barriers to release the potential and capacity of a team. Your audience will walk away inspired, challenged & equipped to create new possibilities within their current roles