Murray Speaks | About Murray
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About Murray

Murray David

Beginning life as a Chef, Murray launched into the fitness industry in 1985 where more than 10,000 people experienced his workouts every year. The number of STEP classes he led, equalled climbing to the top of the Empire State Building 365 times each year!

He worked for two decades with global pharmaceutical giants in the fascinating areas of mental health, sexual health and diabetes, constructing skills in leadership, conflict resolution and building intriguing coalitions, often in surprising and complex environments.

Drawing on this rich experience, Murray opens a pathway of collaborative learning, discovery and action with your delegates, People are energised, he’s insightful, empowering, entertaining and fun!

Murray helps your audience explore beyond what they’re naturally good at and step into new possibilities. They become braver, clearer, more confident and open to new potential, even surprisingly excited at the thought of it, leaving with immediately useful actions that will profoundly influence their life at work and at home.

Working with red hot, high value themes, he teaches simple and straightforward models to powerfully lift the unique elements of your environment.

Murray’s passion is helping individuals and organisations thrive, to open new  pathways for performance, profitability, excellence and wellbeing.

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